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At the press conference held before the “Great Meeting” to be held at the Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul Bosphorus on 5-6 December 2017, participation at the level of Ministry and NGOs was one of the concrete indicators of this interest. The T.C. While the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism is represented by 3 senior names in the press conference, T.C. The high level participation of NGOs, including Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency, AYD, Alp Alkaş Retail and Real Estate Center, ÇEDBIK, GYODER, İMİB, İNDER, TDUB, TürkSMD, TYD and YASAD, RE360 “in the real estate sector clearly showed 360 degrees perspective.


The common view from the press conference is that “RE360”, which will be realized with the participation of 1.500 people, will be a ground for national and even international business links that will meet a great need and expectation, provide synergy between all the building blocks in the real estate sector, As well as move to a global dimension in the near future.


Turkey will bring the real estate industry forward, bringing together all relevant institutions and stakeholders from the sector to the private sector, from investors to service producers, and bringing together innovative, different, and high-level meetings that will play a critical role not only in Turkey, but also in reaching the world’s targets. “Real Estate Grand Meeting – RE360“, organized by Alkaş Chairman and President of Avl Alkaş of JLL Turkey and Alkaş General Manager Yonca Aközer, will bring together the real estate industry with 360 degree view with the support of professional community organizations.


In December 2017, Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul will be held in Bosphorus. Press conference held at Zorlu Center – Haci Abdullah Restaurant on Thursday, June 15, for the “RE360”, which has met with great interest of industry opinion leaders even while it is still in the idea stage, Took place with participation. The press conference hosted by Avi Alkaş and Yonca Aközer before the “Great Meeting” was a concrete demonstration of the excitement and enthusiasm created for “RE360”. T.C., full support for “RE360”. Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, Head of External Relations Department at the press conference. Cengiz Taylan Baykara, General Manager of Infrastructure and Urban Transformation Services Branch Director Arzu Nur Bulut, General Directorate of Spatial Planning City Planner Aynur Gökalp Durna was represented. T. C. Prime Minister’s Investment Support and Promotion Agency Project Director Ömer Bilge Albayrak also attended the meeting and the NGOs showed great interest.

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