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 Home    The Projects Of Flats That Witness Sea Have Been On Rise

According to the researches, the flats both in European side and in Asian sides have attracted many attentions.

The people who would like to owe a house or the people who would like to make investments on dwelling houses begin to have preferences on the projects which include view of sea.

The researches depict that projects, in which there is a sea view, would enable the companies to earn with much more 30 %and 50%. In the European side, Zeytinburnu, Bakirkoy, Atakoy projects continue to have contributions for financial price, while Kartal and Maltepe in Asian side have immense roles on the financial contributions.


When The Projects Have Been Completed, A New Atmosphere Will Be Created

The route on Zeytinburnu – Bakirkoy- Atakoy in European side of Istanbul is to be alerted by means of these projects. Therefore, there would be no reason that a new atmosphere is to be created, which proves that no other rivals would appear in the future.

The Price Of Square Meters Is To Be Changed

The investments of foreigners have been attracted by these sides and so, the prices of these sides could be changed between 15 and 25 thousand Turkish liras.

The houses on the route between Kartal and Maltepe, which have become the heart of Asian side, have been modified through some projects on urban renewals accompanied by amazing and impressive scenes. Units of square meters account for between 7 thousand and 15 thousand Turkish liras.

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