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The tender for Galatasaray Sports Club’s concert in Riva, Istanbul, was concluded. The contract was signed by Fema İnşaat Ticaret AŞ & KLV İnş. AŞ Business Partnership. In the second session of the tender held in the General Directorate of Real Estate Housing REIT, written proposals were passed after verbal financial offers were received. The partnership offered Emlak Konut and Galatasaray a total of 38 percent share over a total commitment of TL 3.1 billion.


The verbal offer to a company in the company’s written bid with the withdrawal from the tender 6 tender construction trade AS a result of the opening of the envelopes Fema & KLV Ins. ACE partnership won. The opening of the envelopes with tender bids as a result of the proposal, Company Share by Fema to income ratio AS highest among construction trade & KLV Ins. ACE came from a partnership in business.


Sales commitment the company offer for sale 3 billion total revenue that 100 million pounds of the company’s share cost to income ratio to 38 percent, the share of the total revenue of the company for the sale of the land of 1 billion 178 million pounds. 20 percent of the company’s share of the Real Estate Housing, 80 percent of the Galatasaray will be.


The share of Yellow-Red Club will decrease by 942.4 million TL. Although the offer in total sales revenue rose to 3 billion 808 million liras, the tender held in this partnership because the income share of 25 percent in this single piece was below the 38 percent of Fema İnşaat & KLV İnşaat partnership. In the first session made for the land, the highest bid was 1 billion liras from Dap Yapi company Eltes Construction.

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