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 Home    The Number Of Buildings Granted A Building License Increased By 7.6 Percent!

The Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) has announced statistics on building permits for January-June 2017. According to this; the number of buildings increased by 7.6 percent, the area by 16.3 percent, the value by 35.3 percent, and the number of flats increased by 21.6 percent in the first six months of 2017, according to the building permits issued by municipalities.

In the total of January-June of 2017 buildings, which are under construction license; While the total surface area of the buildings is 123.8 million square meters; of which 69.9 million square meters of residence, 26.9 million square meters of non-residential and 26.9 million square meters of common use. For the purpose of use, 95.5 million square meters had two or more flats with residential buildings with the highest share. This was followed by buildings of public entertainment, education, hospitals or care institutions with 7.3 million square meters.

According to the ownership of the building, the private sector had the largest share with 103.7 million square meters. This was followed by the state sector with 18.2 million square meters and the building cooperatives with 1.9 million square meters. According to the number of the apartments, 572 thousand 797 of the total 620 thousand 182 were taken by the private sector, 41 thousand 378 by the state sector and 6,7 thousand by the building cooperatives. According to the total area of the buildings, Istanbul has the highest share with 24.4 million square meters. Istanbul was followed by Ankara with 13.5 million square meters and İzmir with 7.2 million square meters. The provinces with the lowest surface area were Muş, Tunceli and Hakkari respectively.

According to the number of the apartments, Istanbul province had the highest share with 129 thousand 791 units.


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