Home    The Most Expensive Area Of Istanbul Is Kemerburgaz

According to the housing sector report, the most expensive region of Istanbul is Kemerburgaz, where prices at the end of 2016 increased by an average of 193% compared to the previous years.


The luxury housing projects in Kemerburgaz, commissioned by the Turkish construction company EVA during the last five years, proved to be the most expensive. According to a study of the real estate market of Istanbul, the prices per square meter of housing in Kemerburgaz are from 5 to 19 thousand Turkish liras (about 1,500 to 5,500 thousand dollars).


According to the same housing sector report, prices for residential real estate in Kemerburgaz have gradually increased since 2013, which allowed this region to occupy the first place among the 34 most expensive regions of Istanbul. Experts who conducted this study also believe that after the completion of the construction of the third airport in Istanbul and railway lines of public transport, the prices per square meter of housing in this region may continue to grow.


Apartment buildings and villas in this area are designed for buyers of medium and higher average incomes. The projects of apartments and villas are presented in 9 types, most of which are 3 + 1, then 2 + 1 and 1 + 1 types of apartment layout. it was stated that the average cost per square meter of housing in Kemerburgaz is 11 thousand 900 Turkish liras (about 3,350 thousand dollars). The price differences between apartments and villas also increased last year.

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