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Atlantic Council Istanbul Summit 2017 started with the main title; “Strengthen Transatlantic Reconciliation in the Turbulent Region”. Minister of Transport, Maritime and Communications Ahmet Arslan made a speech on the first day of the summit. He explained that they are very successful practitioners of the public-private cooperation model. Arslan also said that they are working the finance model of the Kanal İstanbul which will be one of the biggest projects in Turkey in the near future. Ahmet Arslan continued to his speech:

Bağlantı “We are working with the parties. We are working with the stakeholders of this business on behalf of the public. Kanal Istanbul project will be the one of the biggest projects of Turkey in the near future and we are planning to develop a very different financial model for that project. We are still in the process of realizing such a large project.”


First, we trust our Project and the Second we share the risk”

Ahmet Arslan also gave some answers for the questions. “Many questions related to the project guarantees are being asked to me: Why are you giving these guarantees? Why do you make payment because of the guarantees? First, we trust our project and second we share the risk. We provide the development of the economy; industry and trade belong to the area by making these projects. We also provide more added values to our country. We are working in order to realize the projects”

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