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 Home    The Interest Of Omanı Real Estate Investors To Turkey

The Chairman of Construction Sector of Oman Board of Trade, Khalaf al Mayasi, mentioning the great number of investors from his country to Turkey says,’ We are also here with the same reason. There are bussiness women between us and they also think of making investments in Turkey.’

With the invitement of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Khalaf al Mayasi came to Bursa with Omani bussinessmen and participated in ‘The second Rising City Real Estate Fair’ and ‘15th Construction Fair’ . In his explanation to the AA reporter, Khalaf al Mayasi said that they want to strengthen the trading ties between the countries.


‘We, at the same time, want to sit together with small and medium business managers and to get benefited from their experience. Because our delegation also consists of such business managers. We have one to one meetings with Turkish businessmen .This meetings are going well and with the help of God we will live this place with contracts in our hands, and get the fruit of our visit.

The Gulf countries are making great investments here’

‘The economic environment in Turkey is very suitable. Nowadays the economic level of the country is also changing. İn the past, Turkey was a borrowing country but today it is a lender country. This is why everyone thinks in a positive way about making investment in Turkey. The Gulf countries are making investments in Turkey and we think that it will continue like this.’

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