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 Home    The Housing Prices are Increased in Kagithane, Istanbul

The housing prices in Kagithane are increased by the rate of 55% in the last 3 years. The transportation troubles are destroyed by the new transportation projects and so now, Kagithane is much more valuable for the real estate investors. This affects the housing prices in the district and the prices continue to rise.

According to the data of the Sahibinden Emlak Index February, there is a rising at the m2 of the rental and sold housing. At the last 3 years, prices of the rental housing were increased 45.68% and the prices of the sold housing were increased 55.47%.


The Average m2 Price Increased to 4.802 TL!

The real estate investors are interested in especially transportation features in the area. These features make the area more valuable. The opening of the Kagithane-Pivalepasa Tunnel, the subway line that is in construction, creek reclamation works, the increasing of the ring roads is very effective factors for Kagithane. Especially the business people started to interest in Kagithane investments. According to the data of the Index in February, the m2 price of rental housing for 1+0 or 1+1 is 19 TL, the m2 price of sold housing is 4 thousand 802 TL.

Kagithane is One Of The Most Popular Areas in Istanbul!

The intense interest is also stated at the February traffic data! The page views number of rental or sold (1+0 and 1+1) housing in Kagithane are increased 28%.The number of advertisements is also quite high for Kagithane. Real estate investments in Kagithane seem attractive for the investors.

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