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 Home    The Europeans Are Drawn Back, The Middle East People Are Stepping Forward

The vast majority of Europeans entering the race to purchase housing up to 10 years from Turkey, while leaving the country by selling their homes; this time Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Kuwaiti began to come.
Until 10 years ago, the citizens of Ireland, England, Holland and Germany got real estate especially in touristic areas. In recent years, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iran citizens started buying. In the past years Kuşadası and Didim selling their homes, 80 percent of foreigners forming their own sites, he left Turkey.

According to the data of TSI, there was a 22 percent increase in residential sales to foreigners compared to the previous year. According to statistics, 78 thousand Afghans last year were also the leaseholders in Turkey. In the written statement made by Denizli Regional Directorate of TURKSTAT, house sales made by foreigners increased by 22.2 percent in 2017 compared to the previous year. The first order of housing sales made with foreigners was Istanbul with 8,182 houses and Antalya with 4,707 houses in the second order. Antalya with a thousand sales of 474 houses Bursa and 79 houses sold with Yalova watched. According to Turkstat Iraqi citizens bought 3 thousand 805 housing from Turkey in 2017.

The countries that purchase residential areas throughout the country last year in Turkey were listed as: Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, Germany, Azerbaijan, Egypt, England, Yemen, Jordan, Turkey, Qatar, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, Palestine , Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Uzbekistan.

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