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 Home    The Discount of Title Deed Has Boosted the Real Estate Sector

Both the contractors and the buyers were pleased with the discounts made in the sale of housing. Regional Director of Karadeniz of Muhammed Tug said that the title deed discount, which will continue until September 30, 2017, is a great opportunity.

3 Thousad TL instead of 4 Thousad TL”

Stating that the steps taken by the state about the real estate sector are very positive, Muhammed Tug said: “Measures taken since the last quarter of 2016 enabled to boost the real estate sector. In the past, the title deed that was paid as 20 percent will be paid as 15 percent by 30 September 2017. For example, A citizen who buys 200 thousand TL home, will pay 3 thousand TL instead of 4 thousand TL fee of title deed.”


Municipalities Granted Construction Licenses To 1 Million Constructions of Dwelling”

Regional Director of Tug said that according o the statistics of Turkish Statistical İnstitute it was set the sale record in 2016 with 1 million 341 thousand 453 dwelling: “The last four-year housing stock was 685 thousand 360. The advantage is also an important step towards to finish the stock in the real estate market. The discount of fee of title deed which is very important for all investors will accelerate the sector. With discount will be valid up to September 30th, investors will speed up their buying decisions. With the support given by your government, the year 2017 has started and continues wonderful for our sector.”

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