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According to the datas of an internet web site about real estateproperty, in 2017 people had prefered to buy first hand houses rater than second hand ones and this increased the number of sales in first hand houses while causes a dicrease in second hand house sales.


With the campaigns and interest rate cuts the real estate property get refreshed. With these people from the middle class get motivated about buying a house and the sales of second hand houses had nearly catched the first hand houses sales.


One Affect the Other

According to the collected datas the first hand house sales affect the second hand house sales. In 2017, in the first 3 months of the year the sales of second hand houses had increased 10% while the first hand house sales had only increased 4%. It is also clear that people who lives in İstanbul nowadays prefer to buy houses in the areas that in the past anyone had prefered. To give a few examples for these areas; Esenyurt, Tuzla, Maltepe, Arnavutköy, Başakşehir, Kartal are some of them.


According to the datas there are about 500 thousands announcement of house and second hand houses make 90% of the total number. There are more than a thousand project in every region of Turkey. While 653 of them are projects in İstanbul, 124 of them are in Ankara, 85 in İzmir and 21 in Bursa.

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