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In Silivri, which is one of the district that increasing the value of premium of Istanbul, subway, urban transformation and TOKI projects are increasing the value of the region.

It is stated that Silivri, known as a summer resort, will have a different landscape with the investments made. Finally, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality explains that the metrobus line will extend to this town; tells that also good news about the subway line has begun in Silivri. It is expected that the Silivri subway will have a total length of 32.5 km and facilitate transportation.



345 New Residences From TOKI to Silivri

There is also a development in the residential area in the district where transportation studies are conducted. In Silivri, where the urban transformation works are continuing, the Housing Development Administration (TOKİ) is also having many projects. TOKİ announced that it will build 345 houses in Istanbul Silivri for the citizens with low income with a statement made during the last days. In Silivri, there will be 2 + 1 apartments in the project which will be built by horizontal architect and consisting of 3-4 storeyed apartments. Housing and transportation investments in Silivri affect housing prices. What about housing prices in Silivri, where transportation and housing investments are made? How is the rent and the sale prices plotted? Here are the prices of housing prices in Silivri …

House Prices For The Last Three Years Increased By 84 Percent

According to REIDIN data, house prices for sale in Silivri between March 2014 and March 2017 increased by 84 percent. In the same period, it is seen that the prices of houses for sale in Istanbul are increased by 59 percent.

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