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The increase in the number of projects in the residence added speed to the campaign race. Companies offering different options for thousands of apartments sold in the last year have increased their discount rates up to 25 percent. On the other hand, the tenants began to look for more affordable apartments in the new projects delivered in the last one. Those who negotiate with homeowners get a chance to rent a more comfortable apartment at a 25-30 percent lower rate.


Great Luck For Rent

Most of the rents of new houses in Istanbul, especially in the country behind last year, were mostly renters who want to change their homes with tenant candidates. Traders in branded projects that have begun to deliver in big cities like Istanbul have turned to rental tenants who want to settle in a better place to ease the loan installments of their apartment owners and choose a fast lease to get rid of fees such as dues.

25% Discount 10 Year Amount

Government applications that relieve project developers are also reflected in consumers. Construction companies that have been working without cease-fire have put in new opportunities for days before the end of the massive campaign where interest rates have been pulled down.

Real Estate Housing REIT campaign started in the last week, while entering the last week, for those who are considering buying housing signing the biggest discount campaign in recent years. The company offers a 25 percent discount in the campaign, which will be valid for all projects.

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