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 Home    Silivri Fatih And The Republican District Are Open 24 Years Later

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB), Silivri Central Urban Site and Selymbria Antique City Necropolis 3rd degree archeological site 1/1000 Scale Conservation Development Plan was accepted by the city council.


The plan covering part of Fatih neighborhood and the Cumhuriyet District was sent to the Board of Monuments for approval. After receiving the control and approval of the Memorial Board, the plan was discussed and accepted again at the IMM Assembly. After the approval of the presidency, the reconstruction plan, which will be suspended and suspended for 1 month, will finalize the 24-year development expectation. Fatih neighborhood and Cumhuriyet neighborhood, which have been closed since 1993 and partially opened to construction in 2005 and 2008, will be opened after the approval decision.


After the approval of the decision, Silivri Mayor Özcan Işıklar made the following statement: “I would like to thank all the members of the Assembly for their contribution to the parliamentary passing of the development plan which is very important for Fatih neighborhood, which we have been waiting for years. Be good to my sickness. ”


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