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 Home    Secure Money Transfers Possible With Title Deed Clearing System

The reason for this is that the money exchange has to be completed before signing between the parties in the title deed. If the seller has not received the money after the transaction is finished, no rights can be claimed, which is why the healthiest way to be used by the buyer and the seller is the deed exchange system. “The Title Deed Clearing System offers many advantages” Special Deed, which states that the title deed clearing system allows the exchange of real estate and cash with sales price at the same time in order to prevent the negligence of the buyer and the seller during the change of the ownership right and the trading price.


The system makes simultaneous change possible. At this point, the problem of trust between the buyer and the seller is getting out of hand. With low cost, the system offers many advantages. Apart from the title deed clearing system, there is also a blocked check and payment instrument. Here too, the fact that the check is forged is not always preferred for reasons such as cost.

Buyer and seller have their own information with the e-payment number The information of the parties is inquired in TAKBIS and the inquiry result is completed and it is learned that the immovable is registered to the buyer’s name and the money in the account of the buyer is instantly transferred to the account of the seller via Takasbank, And only a service fee of 70 TL is taken from the seller.

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