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The Sapanca city of Sakarya has been undergoing a great transformation for the last 5 years. Luxurious villas are being built on the hills within the greenery around the Sapanca lake, especially where the Arabs show great interest.


The luxurious villas with views of the lake and in the trees start at $ 200,000, up to $ 1 million. Although the construction of the latest speed continues, the real estate agents operating in the region indicate that the purchases of the Arabs are slowing down. The prices of the villas in the scenic slopes of the Sapanca Lake have also increased considerably after the intense interest shown in the past. The newly built villas say that the Turks can not show much interest. “The prices have so increased that it is very difficult for the Turks to own a villa here,” he said. Another real estate agent, saying that some construction companies went bankrupt due to the lack of demand, he said, “If the region is not under control, bigger troubles can be experienced.”


In Sapanca, the company representative stated that the construction areas are personally owned, “About 150 years ago land was given to the villages in the hills. So forested areas are not slaughtered. There can be many trees, but there are many witches around here. Construction is being done according to the permits issued after opening the municipality area. Wood is not cut in the woods. If the tree cuts, very big punishments are given. It could even be a prison sentence, “he said. Another real estate consultant who pointed out that there were summer houses of rich Turks in Sapanca is “There are also villas of the Turks who are rich and close to Sapanca. These are mostly the elite of Istanbul. However, over the past 5 years, the rich Arabs have invested too much in the region. Things are slow, but still the interest of the elite Arabs in Sapanca is still going on, “he said.


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