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 Home    Residential Sales Grew By 5 Percent

Household sales throughout Turkey increased by 5.7 percent year-on-year in February 2017 compared to the same period last year.

While there was a 0.2 percent decrease in Istanbul; 11.4 percent in Ankara and 2 percent in Izmir. Housing loans, which grew by 13 percent in the same period last year, also grew by 16.1 percent this year.


100 thousand length credit card 1350 third monthly payment

As for the housing loan costs … In April, the credit costs in the 10-year benchmark ranged from 0.88 percent to 1.29 percent per month. Along with the differences between the banks, the monthly payments for the loan of 100 thousand liras were around 352 liras in the 10-year bond and 2 thousand 152 liras in the 5-year lira. Looking at the changes in the subprime loans, in February 2017, the amount of the subsequent housing loans in the housing loans remained at only 0.52 percent. This rate was 0.48 percent in February 2016.

Household sales made by foreigners decreased by 5.2% compared to the same month of the previous year and became 386 thousand. In January 2017, Istanbul received the first order with 441 residential sales in foreign residential sales. With the sale of 264 houses in Istanbul respectively, with Bursa, 72 houses sold in Ankara, 70 houses sold in Sakarya and 62 houses sold in Bursa, with 137 houses sold, respectively.

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