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Çağdaş Holding Board Member who gives information about housing projects and especially the investments to be made in the Bodrum region Dağlarca Ages “There are many investments starting and going on at the peninsula.


If you build 20 houses in Istanbul with 2 towers, you will earn more. For this reason many companies in Istanbul are entering the housing project in Bodrum, “he said.


Çağlar voicing that they are doing a project with 22 dwellings in Bodrum center. “We will build 9 luxury segment houses in Gündoğan. We will have 6 more residences behind Swissotel. In the center we are opening one more Swissotel. It will be a hotel with 108 rooms and a conference center. With the revival of congress tourism, we can bring the tourism season in the region to 12 months. We are developing a project in a village in Cennet Bay. The total size of our investments, which will grow by 3 percent, is 80 million euros, “he said.


“The Bodrum customer does not make an early reservation but decides today and comes to the hotel the next day.” Dağlarca Çağlar continued: “Therefore, it is difficult to predict the demand already. There have been many incidents in Turkey and in the world in 2016. The basement still did not lose blood. We are more hopeful this year. Bodrum is actually a bit of a politics place. Politics is not a reflection of economics and social life. Economy does not stop in Bodrum. I experienced the 2008 crisis. At that time there was stagnation, but then it remained at the end. In other words, in Bodrum crisis conditions, the dorsi can not be tilted, after that the coefficient of return to normal is 6 times faster than another. “

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