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A panel on “Urban Transformation Practices, Problems and Solutions” was held in the capital Ankara. The representatives of the real estate sector participating in the panel were informed about the legal regulations and their operations. EPA Real Estate Marketing Inc. And organized a panel discussion on urban regeneration and legislation for the first time in Ankara. The panel entitled “Urban Transformation Practices, Problems and Solutions” was held with the participation of senior speakers in a hotel and the actors in the construction and real estate sectors were informed about current legislation and operation.


Panelist, Garanti Mortgage Executive Vice President Songül Yeşilçimenli, Real Estate Law Expert Kudret Çöçü, Urban Transformation Contractor and EPA Labor & Bahçelievler Representative Gökhan Demirtaş, Turkey Sales Director Tolga Nayan participated as speakers.


Real Estate Law Expert Kudret Çöçü, who made the opening speech of the program, gave a speech on the legal problems and solutions that could be experienced in the process of urban transformation. He said “The urban transformation process is not really a problem as it grows in people’s heads. It’s a spiritual process. It is the time that people can negotiate. Whatever you do as real estate agents, first get in agreement with people. If you go into business without a deal, you may have problems. The process can go beyond your control. ”


He pointed out that many things that we know correctly are wrong, pointing out that one of the citizens of the risky base would suffice the application, and 2 of the 3 were not sought. Çöçü said, “It is an advantage to have a small share of land in a building to be renovated and an advantage of having a large share of the land in urban transformation

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