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Following a briefing by the Minister for Customs and Trade Bülent Tüfenkci on the regulations for the second hand housing market and for the real estate agents, the draft regulation on real estate trade was opened to the representatives of the sector.


The industry will earn the deserved reputation!

Altın Emlak General Manager Mustafa Hakan Özelmacıklı, who is in the evaluations of the topic, stated that the sector will gain the reputation it deserves with this regulation and said “Standards for TS 11816 have been rearranged before for realtors. Accordingly, there will be new regulations in many subjects such as service fees, representation authorities, authority documents, physical conditions and operating principles. With these regulations that everyone can not take place among the real estate agents, our sector will have gained the reputation it deserves. ”

Those who can be involved in immovable trade are obliged to obtain a certificate of authority from the provincial directorate of trade, Özelmacıklı stated, “Each business will be given separately and will be valid for five years. The municipalities will check the jurisdiction before opening the workplace and issuing a working license. They will not be given a certificate of authority if they are not taxpayers, do not have room registration, are involved in crimes such as forgery, bribery, and have not completed their eighteen years of age. ”

“The cost of renting services can not exceed the monthly rental fee”

Acting General Manager Özelmacıklı stated that the conditions required for the operations are stated in the heading of the obligations related to the operation and said: “According to the new real estate arrangement, the real estate office can now be an independent department and will have a size of at least thirty square meters. It will be asked to have an archive for filing, to have the necessary technical and physical equipment. In order to display the immovable property, it is also compulsory to have a rented vehicle. The Standards revise the contract content to be regulated for both supply and demand holders. The contracts will be two copies. Service fees, land registry fees, penal terms will be determined by these contracts. The immovable demonstration document will be arranged separately for each immovable. The service price contract will not exceed 3 percent of the written sales price. For rent services, the price will not exceed the monthly rental price “.

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