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It is the necessary and permanent need for people’s shelter. As long as this need continues, it will be the real estate sector. In short, the real estate sector must be forever. People want to buy a house. They want to buy new stores. This, in turn, stimulates the sector. Some people want a house to live. Some people buy houses for investment purposes. They aim to obtain rental income with the investments made.

A Meeting Was Performed

A meeting was held in Doha city center. 112 Turkish companies attended the meeting. Feyzullah Yetgin, Chairman of the Association of Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Partnership, was in some explanations. Mentioned proximity between Turkey and Qatar in recent years. He emphasized that this convergence is reflected in the commercial. He also talked about a project to be done with Halk REIC. This project was first revealed in Qatar and was presented to people.

Surviving the Rise of Real Estate

The sector is the real estate sector, which is linked to people’s need for continued housing. This sector will continue to develop at full speed. With new housing projects being made it is easier for people to be homeowners. It is aimed to reach more people by arranging interest rates with new projects. Also abroad, many middle eastern countries prefer Turkey. With this preference in mind, new projects will be implemented.

Continues Explaining

Feyzullah Yetgin continued to explain. He announced that there will be a rise in the real estate sector in 2018. With this rise, the market became even more vibrant.

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