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According to the statement of the Real Estate Housing REIT’s (KAP), a discount campaign was started for buyers who bought an independent section and fixed installment payments from the company’s designated projects before 1 February.

Detailed information about the campaign, which will be valid from April 1 to June 9, is published on the company’s website.

Accordingly, if 100 percent of the current debt is paid, 20 percent, 15 percent if the 75 percent is paid, 10 percent if the 50 percent is paid, and 5 percent if the 25 percent is paid.


According to the statement made by Real Estate Housing REIT, the campaign covers 47 housing projects. The early payment discount between 1 April and 9 June is 20 percent.

The company transferred the details of the campaign, including 47 projects, which were paid on a turn-key basis. A 20% discount will be applied to the rights holders who pay the full amount of the blanks using the campaign. For those paying 75 percent of the debt, a 15 percent discount will be offered.

This cash payment discount campaign announced that before February 1, 47 of the project within the independent unit, who have received payments, said that the receivers can benefit. Buyers who wish to benefit from the campaign will be able to benefit from the campaign by paying the interest and unpaid dues of these installments if there is a delay in the installments of the previous installments.

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