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We are in the Kirac district of Esenyurt in Istanbul. We tried to keep the pulse of a referendum in a worker’s neighborhood where hundreds of thousands of workers worked in hundreds of factories and the factories and factories passed by. There are different reasons for saying ‘yes’ and ‘no’. But whatever their preferences in the referendum, labor laborers have a common sense of livelihood.


We are starting the conversation with Celil, a construction worker who voted at the AK Party in the last elections, who voted at the age of 48, always right party until the age of 48. She is afraid to give the name of the Jelly lineage. Compared to the old electoral process, the referendum process: “In the past, there would have been election, people talked. Now they are afraid to tell their ideas to each other. “We ask him about his expectations about the outcome of the referendum. Gidişattan is not satisfied Celil is working 3 days and 10 days unemployed, suffering from unemployment. “I have two children. It is not my house rent from Allah, if it is so, I will not stop for a minute. ” The daily wage of a worker with a minimum wage says he can not afford a kilo of meat, Jalil. They send their brothers their red meat from the country, or they do not eat red meat.

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