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Well-known with its construction projects of quality living and commercial real estate such as big hotels and shopping centres, Plus Yalova – the mixed-use living project, which will include 5-star thermal hotels, in cooperation and guarantee of EPP , which is an affiliate of the Housing Development Administration of Turkey (TOKİ), with an investment amount of approximately 400 million USD. Thanks to its proximity to industry and trade cities, the project offers great profit opportunities for its investors.
To be constructed on a land of 383,500 m2 in total, Plus Yalova with its rich social facilities and exceptional location, which is nested in nature, is a project that would create value not only in the region, but also in Turkey.


A whole new world
after one hour…

A verdant forest on your back and deep blue sea in front of you… Dream about a place where you can soak your feet in fresh water and then in salty water just in a few steps away and a place where you can discover water’s every state in nature altogether…
Plus Yalova, situated at one-hour distance to Istanbul, Bursa and Izmit, is accessible both by the land and sea.
In addition to nature and health tourism, Yalova Armutlu, whose investment value has increased day by day with the opening of Osmangazi Bridge, has an extraordinary location, attracting attention worldwide.
Being constructed without cutting a single tree in Armutlu, where is a rich region of Yalova with its natural and thermal resources, an exceptional life is on your doorstep waiting for you in KentPlus Yalova…
İstanbul 60 mins. Bursa 45 mins. İzmit 60 mins. Sabiha Gökçen Airport 60 mins. Bostancı Yalova 65 mins. Bostancı Armutlu 65 mins.
Pendik Yalova 45 mins.



  • 1 Bedroom avaliable between 350.000 TL – 550.000 TL
  • 2 Bedrooms avaliable between 580.000 TL – 900.000 TL
  • 3 Bedrooms avaliable between 680.000 TL – 1.070.000 TL
  • 5+2 villas avaliable between 1.650.000 TL – 1.850.000 TL

Payment Plan
%25 down payment, 36 months installments


Café & Restaurants
Parking Place
Fitness Center
Swimming Pools
Children\'s Playground

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