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We love Aegean very much!
The new side of those who want to enjoy Aegean in Istanbul; The Mediterranean Residence!
Aegean, with its air, water, gum-smelling cobblestone streets, longing, legends, with the colors that return from the blanket to the blonde, with the fragrant lavas, with the olive trees and with delicious delicacies, a sunshine, is a place, that it is difficult to come back from…
Two years ago, by carrying the beauties of the Aegean to the Anatolian side, we offered the EgeBoyu Project to you. Our houses have quickly found their owners.
Now, we are delighted to present to our Aegean lover friends, our new project on the European side – EgeYakası!
Imagine walking along the alley with olive trees and the fragrant lavender gardens to an evening meal with delicious Aegean delicacies on the slate streets of Aegean Sea.
Imagine that you live in the Aegean, not just on certain days of the year. This idea sounds great to you, does not it?
This idea has transformed into a reality in Istanbul Europe.
You can see all the beauties of the Aegean from the gum- smelled streets of the Aegean to the plastered stone houses, from the blue shutters to the olive trees, from Aegean to Alaçatı, Assos, Cunda and Foça. We brought them alltogether.

Mediterranean Residence Architecture
We designed the Mediterranean Residence with the warmth of the Aegean and inspired by Santorini, which has the most beautiful colors of the Aegean. Our houses in the Aegean Sea are projected like houses that are settled in such a way that they do not interfere with each other as in Santorini.
One side of the Aegean with the most beautiful vegetation, one side of the lake with stone walls to feel yourself in the Aegean Street with plenty of potted arrangements, fountains and sea-based mosaic floors every day.

Mediterranean Residence

The magic blue of the Aegean: Alaçatı Houses
From the wide balconies of Alaçatı houses, to the enchanting scenery of Fenerburnu as well as to the unique Korupark and the fragrant lavender and gum trees of Aegean Park, you will have a view of the most beautiful and peacefull landscape.

An Aegean Paradise: Assos Houses
The lake view houses invite you to calm down. You will also have difficulty choosing your dream home in Assos houses where you will feel yourself in the Aegean, close to Aegean Park and Saklıköy…

Place you live with the Aegean sun: Cunda Houses
Would you like to spend four seasons in Cunda?
With poolside duplexes, winter gardens, stone-walled houses with a wooden look, you are invited to your Aegean dream…

Fenerburnu’s unique place: Foça Houses
In front of Fenerburnu in the presence of bird birds, the calming effect of the lake in Çınaraltı, the fragrant serenity of Aegean Park, Foça Houses promise you the Aegean life in peace.

Aegean Nature
In the Aegean, you will smell like lavender and rosemary in your house.
Between the white and the blue, you will live in Aegean every day with the dense green hills, the Aegean anforas, the oxygen storage plants, the village landscape with the concept of the rural coffee under the giant plane trees.

Aegean Square
Aegean Park
You will feel yourself in the garden of a great Aegean park, starting from the terrace of the social facility in the Aegean Park area to the ramp that reminds you of the narrow Aegean streets with steps.
We have not forgotten the birthdays of your children.
Aegean Gourmet kitchen workshop for fun parties of young people at your service for 365 days.
With the freshness of the Aegean, you can savor thyme, vine, tomatoes, peppers, you will be able to meet and cook with your neighbors and loved ones.

Fenerburnu in Mediterranean Residence
If you want to go out for a family walk between the lake view and the smelling flowers, Fenerburnu will be one of your favorite places with its scenery, nature and seating areas.

Ege Flora in Mediterranean Residence
While your family and friends are enjoying a lush green barbecue, your children will enjoy having fun together with their friends in the children’s playgrounds and in the tree house, playing in the green.

Saklıkoy in Mediterranean Residence
If you are a nature person, you should definitely see Saklıköy.
Grow up your own vegetables and fruits in the Ege Yakası’s hobby gardens, experiment with gardens, take canvas brushes, or explore nature for your child. The Organic Market, where you can share your own products, and the neighboring talks, where you can park your bicycle and join under the arbor, are waiting for you in EgeYakası.
Mediterranean Residence Sports Club
In Ege Yakası, you will live 365 days Aegean and protect your health.
You will enjoy a healthy and fit life in Aegean Life with semi-Olympic, openable indoor swimming pool, sun terraces, tennis center, turkish bath, sauna and spas that you can use for 12 months, not just three months of the year.
What if you do not like to do sports in the indoor areas, what would you say about walking in the mood of lavender scents? Would you like to go on a bicycle tour with a family on the way between flowers and greenery?
If you do not have a bicycle, take it immediately because cycling in Mediterranean Residence will be one of your greatest fun activities.



Just 10 minutes away from Ataturk Airport, Karsiyaka residence is close to important connection roads such as Tem Era, Ekspres Caddesi. This closeness will save you time in terms of transportation as well as increase the value of your investment.

TEM Europe Highway: 2 km
Ataturk Airport: 10 km
Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Education and
Research Hospital: 1,5 km
Acıbadem Hospital: 2 km
M.Akif Ersoy Heart Hospital: 3 km
Nature College: 3 km
Nature and Amusement Park 4 km
Ataturk Olympic Stadium: 5 km
Private Cihangir Schools: 7 km


Turkish Bath
Pilates Rooms
Bicycle Park
Swimming Pools

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