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The Istanbul Palaces were reinterpreted with modern architecture, inspired by the palaces ruling for centuries and the surrounding neighborhoods. Kursan, Yıldız, Dolmabahçe, Fethipaşa and Sultantepe Koruları, Kuzguncuk, Paşalimanı, especially the most important palaces, huts and mansions in Istanbul, such as the neighborhoods, inspired the Istanbul Palace was a source.

The Istanbul Palaces project is being developed on a 119.500 m2 plot next to the Bosphorus City project in Küçükçekmece, Istanbul. A total of 62 different house types will be found from 1 + 1 to 6 + 1 in the Istanbul Palaces project which will be decorated with architectural details, private palace gardens, fountains and large courtyards.

Not only palaces but also the bastions, mounds and pavilions that reflect the other beauties of the palace life exist in the Istanbul Palaces. The palace architecture is only some of the architectural details that call to the city, special gardens, fountains, jihannumsalar, vaults, wrought iron fences, large courtyards, high ceiling entrance and floor halls, large and imposing gates, palaces. The curves of the Bosphorus, which are united with these unique constructions, water life, squares, cores and surprise places waiting to be discovered are among the other beauties that complement the life of the palace.



Unit Type: Villa, Residence
m²: 51.00 – 426.00
Delivery date: Construction completed
Number of units: 1.206
Land Area: 119.500 m²
Address: Istanbul – Küçükçekmece / Halkalı


Peanut pine, plane trees, cypresses and hazelnuts … It is possible to see the indispensable trees of Istanbul’s forests and squares in Istanbul Palaces. Just trees? You will see the rare flowers that make up the plant character of the Bosphorus in Istanbul Palaces. You will see cemetery floors in the palace towers that stand like human hands.

The set garden inspired by miniatures will take you on a small trip to the nature from the city. You will come to the trenches of the serpentine, cottages and shores that revive in the Istanbul Palaces, from the roads of the past you have watched the Bosphorus. These green carpets and thematic gardens stretching from corral to the squares will accompany you to the shores of the Istanbul Palaces.

This unique meeting of nature, water and architecture will present an extraordinary luxury life in Istanbul Palaces with the most modern state of the art.


Feeling the palace life in Çırağan … When you get out of Çırağan Residence, which carries architectural breezes from magnificent palaces, you see a hot beach smile surrounded by palm trees. So that you can enjoy the sun … After the beach, with the comfort of leaving your children in the children’s club, maybe you can have a pleasant time in the coastal town with your partner. Who knows, maybe you can swim on the pool until the sun goes down.
The decision is yours …

The place where time stops … Dolmabahçe.
Although it has a clock tower that shows the passage of time, the time seems to have stopped in Dolmabahçe.
When you pass through the gate made of green plants, you find yourself in a world where time has stopped. A small stroll at Dolmabahçe Pier takes you to the Ottoman gardens over marble stones. Of course you can decide between Baroque Garden, Hasbahce Garden and Mabeyn Garden …

Fethipaşa – Sultantepe
The Bosphorus decorated by the palaces, under your feet …
Is there anything like living in the shade of lush gardens watching the shores of the Istanbul Palaces!
In Fethiye and Sultantepe you will have a sweet breeze coming from the Bosphorus. If you live any seasons, you will live them to the fullest.
You will leave yourself in the moving social life of the Istanbul Palaces, and you will find peace in your own calm world.
Maiden’s Tower, Salacak and Bosphorus Square
When you come to Salacak, right next to Bosphorus Square, you will encounter another square.
In Salacak Square you will be waiting for a boat to take you to the Maiden’s Tower.
Leave this boat to take you to the Maiden’s Tower. Watch Istanbul Palaces at the Maiden’s Tower …
A sweet serenity in the peanut pines …
Think of a small Bosphorus village. The fenced square, with the stony streets accompanied by the servants, and the rare scars …
This is Kuzguncuk. You can see Çırağan on the opposite shore while you meet your loved ones in this cute and sip your Turkish chefs in Sude Café.
You will wander around to the smell of peanut pines. You will find a corner in Kuzguncuk where you will surely enjoy.


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Basketball Court
Mini Football Field
Fiber optic cables
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