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Beykoz apartments gives you a bright weather which is missed by all of Istanbul and it has a location that gives you an opportion ti live in a paradise like living in a jungle and seeing Bosphorus. So you can see all of these scenes from your home by prefering our Project. It offers you an extraordinary beautifullness with its unique, innovator andmodern design.

Your apartment which has approximately 5,52 m highnesspresents you an energetic life by entering inside all of the colours of nature and brightness. Beykoz Apartments offers you a life square that makes you relaxity and make your ownself take outside of the metroplitan city of Istanbul. Beykoz Apartment also offers you a comfort that including the options of 1+1, 2+1, 1+1 doublex, 2+1 doublex apartments.by the way our Project of Beykoz apartments also have indoor swimming pool, fitness room and SPA center without going out of the city. Beykoz apartments also offers you opportunity of having a investment of lucrative options.
The location of our Project is a in a very center positio that is near the Acarloft shopping center, 9 minutes away from the coast of Paşabahçe, 10 minutes away from the Acarkent Cliseum Sports Club, away from 12 minutes to FSM bridge, 15 minutes away from Levent, 17 mins away from the Kanyon Shopping Center and Metrocity Shopping Center, 20 mins away from the Istınye Park Shopping Center, 35 mins away from the Atatürk International Aırport.
This Project has a location of cross board of Bosphorus and the forest. And so it gives a big and excellent seçene to see happiness and beautifulness of natüre. And it will give you a comfortable life. And also in our Project of Beykoz apartments you can have a secure life by our security person and security cameras.



Project Area : 4.500 m2
Construction Area : 16.000 m2
Green Area : 2.000 m2
Total Properties : 98 Residential Units
Total Floor Count : 7
Commercai Unit : 7 Commercail Units
Block : 1
Property Types : 1,2 and 3 bedrooms
Start Date : May 2015
End Date : September2018




1 bedroom starts from 2.096.000TL / 500.000$
2 bedroom starts from 1.750.000TL/440.000$
3 bedroom starts from 3.500.000/875.000$

* Prices depends on the availability
*30% down payment, 36 months installment


Turkish Bath
Café & Restaurants
Lobby Cafe
Fitness Center

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