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The National Submarine (MILDEN) Workshop, which was established with the aim of constructing the first national submarine of Turkey by using local resources, was held in the Directorate of Design Office of Istanbul Shipyard Commandership. Turkey continues to work for the national submarine. The submarine is expected to be operational in the first half of 2030.

According to a written statement made by Turkish Naval Forces Command, Admiral Bostanoğlu spoke at the National Submarine (MILDEN) Workshop coordinated at the Directorate of Project Design Office of the Istanbul Naval Shipyard Command.

Naval Commander Admiral Bülent Bostanoğlu stated that the German design “preveze” and “gür” class submarines and half of “ay” class submarines were built in Gölcük.


Admiral Bostanoğlu, who said that “We are still continuing the construction of 214-class submarines with German-designed, air-independent propulsion systems with the most advanced technology.”, said that “As you know, 214 class submarines have been sold to various countries, especially Greece, along with some design problems. The development of these five major design problems has shown that the Engineering Infrastructure of the Naval Forces Command has reached a level comparable to that of German engineers who have designed and built more than 150 submarines from the Second World War and have held world leadership in conventional submarines . ”

Experts on the development of submarine are showing that the biggest obstacle is not producing steel used in submarines and it is emphasized that this should be resolved first.

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