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Ortahisar Municipality is adding another innovation to the projects of urban transformation carried out jointly with TOKI. After Ortahisar, Pelitli and Pazarkapi urban transformation projects, they will now make urban transformation project together with TOKİ in Çağlayan Quarter.


Çağlayan Former Mayor and Firar Bayrak, who is also the Deputy Mayor of Ortahisar, and Ortahisar Mayor Ahmet Metin Genç, who is studying the buildings located in Çağlayan Quarter in the urban transformation project, said that Çağlayan will be saved from the distorted construction and will have a modern look. Mr. Genç stated that the project will be carried out in two stages and that the urban transformation will be carried out on an area of 60 thousand square meters in total. “We have completed the necessary works to be done by our municipality for the first phase of the project covering the area of 36 thousand square meters. When our project is over, I believe that our citizens who will see the healthy construction that emerges will voluntarily come to us for the urban transformation of their own buildings. We will come up with an urbanization model that can respond to needs “.


Pointing out that they attach great importance to urban transformation projects in order to make Ortahisar more livable and modern, President Genç said, “At this moment, the Pelitli Urban Transformation Project, which we are currently carrying out with TOKİ, continues at full speed and the rough construction of the trade areas has been completed to a great extent. When it is over, it will be a very exemplary project worthy of Trabzon Airport.We have to break down to make it in Ortahisar as we have always expressed.We want to make more habitable and modern with the Ortahisarımız infrastructure and the upper buildings so that the need for more urban transformation projects “We are striving to make our projects so that they can respond to the needs that may arise in the future,” he said.

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