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Can Aynagoz, a member of the Board of Directors who has been serving in the MESA for half a century in the construction sector in Turkey for 35 years, explained the difference of the MESA brand. Aynagöz said, “Being a brand, every step you make since the first day you set up, every square meter you produce is a situation that is connected to even the smallest service you give, not only about your past, but also your vision for today and tomorrow.


The traditional training seminar of the Construction Industry Material Suppliers Association (TIMKODER) takes place between March 14th and April 18th this year. TOMCODER members, members of the Assembly of ATO and TOBB Board of Directors to give training to the members of the ATO Academy organized within the scope of seminars held for 8 years this year, the pioneering names of the industry is also the speaker. Can Aynagoz, Member of the Board of Directors of MESA, delivered a speech entitle at the ATO Academy event.

Aynagöz; MESA emphasized that it is a brand with a name called ‘quality’ and ‘trust’, signing with a perfectionist approach to a construction area of 10 million square meters and more than 93 houses at home and abroad. Aynagöz explains that MESA is one of the forerunners of the industry with a half-century-long rooted past. MESA, which first used the tunnel molding system in Turkey for the first time, advanced its position in the world market with its manufacturing and developing technology.

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