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Minister of Environment and Urbanism Özhaseki said, “Our aim is to transform 150-200 houses in Istanbul to 500.000 houses in 15 years and 7.5 million houses in 15 years.”

Measures Will Be Taken For Natural Disasters

Ozhaseki, newspaper reporter, August 17, 1999 Marmara earthquake 18 year anniversary of the exploration. Özhaseki stated that natural disasters can not be prevented but that the loss of life and property can be reduced to zero by taking necessary precautions. “The precautions to be taken against the unpredictable earthquakes will be delayed for a minute even if they are delayed. We have experienced more times. ” he said. Minister Özhaseki pointed out that studies were carried out in order not to experience the revelations of the sufferings that occurred in the 17th of August earthquake and said that important lessons were learned from the painful experience and that the urban transformation program was accelerated in this direction.

Urban Transformation Is Accelerating

Özhaseki, 66 percent of the territory, 71 percent of the population in the first and second earthquake zone because they said that the speed of urban transformation work every day. Explaining that the first steps in the ministry were to start building the depressive structures and transform the weak structures, the Özhaseki stated that they took the deepest steps of the republic’s history without losing time and that they continued to work as quickly as “tomorrow will be an earthquake”.

“Our goal is to convert 150 thousand houses in Istanbul to 500 thousand in the year and 7.5 million houses in 15 years. No more decay in the territory of the Republic of Turkey can not be grounded. Our new buildings will be durable and will be in harmony with the historic and cultural heritage of our cities. We are adding day and night to build a better Turkey with stronger grounds. I hope God will never give such great anguish to my country again.” he said.

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