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Aydin Holding which has been operating in the construction, automotive and insurance sectors and interactive media fields for nearly 40 years, has established a new real estate chain in the name of TGM Trend Real Estate. Transferring Hakan Erilkun who the experienced name of the franchise system, as General Manager, TGM Trend Real Estate realized the first meeting with the press.

TGM Trend Real Estate Board Chairman Muhammed Aydin attended in the meeting and stated that the real estate sector in Turkey was only able to provide brokerage services for buying and selling and they were the first and only franchise chains serving with the concept of ‘Real Estate Solution Center’.


Real Estate Solution Center Not Real Estate Agent

Hakan Erilkun who General Manager of TGM Trend Real Estate, deciding to continue his road with the brand name of TGM Trend Real Estate in order to end the classical real estate patterns in Turkey and to rebuild the scope of real estate, Said that they prepared the “Real Estate Solution Center” concept, which has the ability to respond to all the customer’s needs for the property in one spot. Hakan Erilkun also said about the new concept: “We have the unique ability to respond to all the needs of customers from insurance to infrastructure services, from credit usage to billing payments. We also give all these needs without outsourcing any service by the group of companies in the structure of Aydın Holding, based in Konya, which is distributed from Anatolia and distributed to four branches of Turkey. This is a service that is not possible in Turkey.

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