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The parliament of the capital city of Istanbul approved the proposal for reconstruction plans for the construction of modern multi-storey buildings, resistant to earthquakes in the districts of Merkez, Ambarly, Chihangir, Denizkoskler, Mustafa Kemal Pasha, Gumushpala and University of Avcilar district.

The fifth meeting of the IBB Assembly took place in the municipality of Sarachane in May this year. At the session last month, a report of the commission was presented, which contained proposals for changing the zoning plan for the seven districts of Avcilar, which caused controversy.

The commission’s report containing a proposal to amend the reconstruction and construction, which entitles rights to build for owners of the buildings in the vicinity of Avcilar Merkez, Ambarly, Chihangir, Denizkoskler, Mustafa Kemal Pasha, Gumushpala and the University, is approved.

Handan Toprak, mayor of Avcilar, who commented on this decision, noted that he thanked the participants of the Assembly who had voted for these amendments, thereby protecting the rights of the population of Avcilar.


It is worth recalling that because of the seismic hazard in accordance with the development plan for construction in 1982 in Avcilar, buildings that were allowed to have 5-6 floors were reduced to 4 floors. With the amendment introduced in 2008, residents living in 5 or 6 storey buildings were stripped of their property rights.

New amendments are adopted to prevent the deprivation of rights and the construction of seismic-resistant modern buildings. While the participants of the Assembly emphasize that the change in the zoning plan is aimed not only at restoring the rights of citizens, but also in reconstructing old buildings and making them more resistant to a possible catastrophe.

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