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Arnavutköy, the new district of Istanbul, has begun to be the new address for cheap housing. Average Housing prices for sale in Arnavutkoy were determined as 216 thousand 798 TL, rents were determined as 779 TL.

Arnavutköy, which is the third bridge in Istanbul, and the districts located on the connection routes of the North Marmara Highway, is expected to price its value, especially with the clarification of the Canal Istanbul route. According to the information compiled from the Zingat Investment Guide data, the sale in question at the municipality was determined as 270 thousand 998 with the present value and the lowest with 162 thousand 599 lira. The monthly average rent of 779 liras was the cheapest 584 and the most expensive was 974 liras. It has been seen that prices in the region, measured as 23 years of return, draw an increase graph especially since 2015. According to this, sales of two thousand years ago, a thousand square meters of 461 liras, 2016 thousand 771, this year was determined to rise to 2 thousand 107 liras.


The two regions in question today stand out as the cheapest cities of Istanbul with the value they come up with, and it is determined that the most expensive is Besiktas again. District, 11 thousand 848 liras square meter value of mega city overtaking all the districts, the most expensive neighborhood of 34 thousand 197 liras per square meter price for sale was Baby. In the last year, the value also increased by 2 percent. According to the Zingat Real Estate Investment Guide, the average price of a 100-square-meter dwelling purchased in the Baby district in the 2017 real estate index and regional report was 3 million 420 thousand TL. The lowest price of 2 million 565 thousand, the highest was determined as 4 million 275 thousand TL. Starting from 6 thousand liras, rents went up to 10 thousand 39 liras. In the Levent district where the shopping centers are concentrated, rentals average 5 thousand 611, and sales were 1 million 796 thousand TL. The lowest prices of residential property for sale was 1 million 347 thousand and the highest was 2 million 245 thousand TL. The price of the square meter of the house is highest in the county Beşiktaş Sarıyer, 8 thousand 472, Bakırköy 8 thousand 470, Kadıköy 7 thousand 862, Islands 5 thousand 757 TL followed by the price. In the last year, it has been observed that an average of 100 square meters in Sarıyer, starting from 645 thousand 959 liras and rising to 1 million 76 thousand liras, increased by 1.13 percent.

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