Home    Murat Boz’s Preference for Investment in Real Estate

Murat Boz, who is on the agenda with rumors about his departure from the sweet love Enver, is focused on his investments in order to guarantee his future as many artist friends. Boz known to have bought 100 thousand TL at the beginning of the concert, began to buy houses from various districts of Istanbul with the money he earned. Moreover, Murat Boz’s real estate investments are not limited to home purchases. The singer also collects land and shops from various districts of Istanbul. It was learned that Boz, who stated that he did not understand the trade, invested his gains in real estate in the frame of safe investment concept.


Turkerler Holding, which stands out with the billion projects it has developed in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, has added a new one to its sounding cooperation. Murat Boz was the pop star of the Mahall Bomonti İzmir, which was signed by Kazım Turker from the most fashionable dresses of business world. Kazim Turker, Mahal Bomonti emphasized that İzmir has a modern architecture, rich social possibilities for a unique view of İzmir, with Murat Boz who gives a message of “Where I want to be” with a heavyly pressed advertisement of love and peace.

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