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SeaPearl Ataköy, built by Kuzu Group in Atakoy and made up of luxury houses on the seashore, came to an end in 631 houses. The project, which will start life at the end of September, attracts attention with its uninterrupted sea view against the 1,200 meter coastal band.

SeaPearl Ataköy

Kuzu Group launches in Turkey and Dubai. Since the day it was sold, SeaPearl Atakoy, which has been attracted by Turkish and Gulf investors, has reached its final stage in the first place. Life will begin at the end of September at SeaPearl Atakoy, Istanbul’s only premium residential project on the seaside. Built at an investment worth 2 billion 700 million dollars, SeaPearl Ataköy has a total of 1401 houses. In the first stage, which consists of 4 floors with 20 floors and 631 houses, there are housing types ranging from 1 + 1 to 4.5 + 1 with areas ranging from 88 to 398 square meters.


Biological Pond, Navigational Island And Baroque- Style Landscape

At SeaPearl Atakoy, every room of the living area opens to the uninterrupted view of Marmara Sea. It has a 1,200 meter beach band with wooden flooring, natural cement and a large terraced fold garden. At SeaPearl Atakoy, which attracts attention with its rich social facilities, there are fitness rooms, yoga lounges, recreation areas and children’s play areas ranging from 150 to 200 square meters for each block, as well as sea walking, tennis courts, streetball courts, pedestrian paths, a biological pond, a navigational island, and a baroque landscape.


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