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 Home    Lands To Be Given to Quran Courses and Dormitories At No Cost

Land owned by the State, including the land owned by the Municipalities and Special Provincial Administrations can now be given to certain institutions at no cost for 49 years after the related regulations entered into force following its issuance in the Official Gazzette.


According to the said regulations issued by the Ministry of Finance, that is the “Regulation on the Establishment of The Right of Construction Over Public Immovables For Educational and Residential Activities”, all foundational schools and dormitories including universities that are exempted from tax as well as institutions that are opened for the citizens to read and memorize the Quran, to learn its meaning, and to receive religious education will be granted the said right. Dormitories and pensions of the instutions of the said educational and religious activities will also be considered under the same category. However, not all the foundational institutions will be automatically granted the said right; instead only the institutions those will be approved by the Ministries of Finance, Youth and Sports and National Education. Directorate of Religious Affairs will also be asked of their opinions about the candidate foundations, which they will audit as well.


According to the same regulations, foundations to get benefited from the free land will have to provide full and half scholarships both in the amount of 10%. This way, an important amount of poor students will be directed to the institutions that are under the supervision of Directorate of Religious Affairs.


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