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The Municipality of Silivri started to sell 94 of the immovables, which were decided to be sold for public inspection. Shortly after the sales process started, it became clear that the transactions were not legal. In the case of the proceedings which lasted for nearly 4 years, the Council of State made the point of the 8th Criminal Office. The court ruled that the sales were not legal, canceled the sale of the municipal land by ruling that there was no public benefit in sales.


90 Million Rentals Sales

After the parliamentary decision of the Municipal Assembly in 2009, the administration sold 90 million liras worth of land to finance the municipality financially. It is reported that the current value of land sales made from 2009 to 2016 is around 200 million liras. After the decision of the Supreme Court’s ‘cancellation’, the municipality went to trial for the people who had previously sold land. The municipality has filed a lawsuit against citizens who buy land from the municipality.


Silivry Municipality Gospel Advocate Demirkol Yağcıoğlu bought the land on which the petition was filed to prepare 94 people in Silivri Court of First Instance.

Complete Shock

People who are surprised by the petition filed by Silivri Municipality are waiting for the decision of Silivri Civil Court to give a lawsuit against them. It was also revealed that most of the citizens who were prepared to sue after the court’s decision sold the land to third parties. All of the second and third persons who are unaware of the case are preparing to seek their rights in court.


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