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 Home    Land Shares Must Be Shared Accordıng To The Land Shares Value

General manager of Altın Real estate, Mustafa Hakan Özelmacıklı said that everything is relevent with land shares, this land shares is not controlled by anyone. It is important issue and this lands should controlled by someone but another effective solving would be that the land shares should share the lands according to shared value.

He has a description one more about this issue. According to General manager of Altın Real estate, Mustafa Hakan Özelmacıklı said that, “Land share is to give a free portion of the parcel from independent parcels in proportion to their fair value. The share of the land shall not be divided by the number of the independent sections so that no equal shares shall be given, nor shall they be given according to the sizes of the independent sections, that is, square meters.”


Urban Transformations come out the mistakes about land shares. And then the land owners have bigger problems more than it should be at the next times. Because in some situations, land amounts or land values there may be in building contractors or some land owners favor.

We will an advice to you the land shares. You should pay attention to the hidden land shares in the plot title. You should examine carefully way and you must understand everything on plot title that you read . If you don’ t understand completely the plot title deed, you can consult someone authorized for your lands and take informations about your rights and measures that you would be carefully.

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