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 Home    “Land and Real Estate Development Strategy” Workshop Ended

The Land and Real Estate Development Strategy workshop was organized by Turkish Cypriot Construction Contractors Association. The participants worked for preparing the strategy text related to the land and real estate development strategy and the workshop has lasted for 2 days. On the first day of the workshop the subject of National Planning and Construction Sector was discussed and on the second day of the workshop the subject was ” Improvement of Investment Environment in the Real Estate Sector and Economic Vision.” Architects, engineers, contractors, lawyers, academicians, real estate agents, experts from public contributed to the related workshop. In the next stage, the workshop outputs will be reported by the Management Center Experts and the strategy text will be prepared.


Strategy Report is Targeted to be a Government Policy

Turkey will have the “Land and Real Estate Development Strategy” for the first time. The association will share related strategy with the government agencies and demand for being as government policy. The works have been continued for over the 4 months. At the first stage of the workshop; Primary and Secondary Resource Research, Structured Interviews and Focus Group Meetings were organized and collected the data. The Second Stage of the Workshop is “Land and Real Estate Development Strategy” which was held on the date of April 20-April 24 2017. The third stage is about analysing the report and the outputs will be reported. At last, the strategy will be created. In the workshop, different countries examples and European Union Legislation were examined. National Planning and Construction were discussed in detail.

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