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The second of the summit named “Investment in Kartal, Investment in Future “ was held last week. The meeting brought together domestic and foreign investors who invested in Kartal. Kartal is the one of the best developing regions of İstanbul. The participants talked about the Kartal’s urban transformation potential and process. Kartal municipality organized the” Investment in Kartal, Investment in Future” summit in order to tell the successful story of the Kartal’s Urban Transformation and explain the potential of the region for the investors. Kartal Mayor Altınok Öz said that the best examples of the urban transformation in İstanbul are in Kartal. He also emphasized they met many problems in the process. Law no 6306 on urban transformation strengthen the urban transformation works but law no 3194 prevents the urban transformation.


Projects Compatible with Kartal

Altınok Oz talked to the contractors who are developing projects for Kartal; he wanted the projects which is compatible with Kartal. The projects mustn’t become estranged with the Kartal structure. Öz said:

Bağlantı “City councils must be established in order to make aesthetic buildings.” He also talked about the high buildings and he focused on the prejudice for the high buildings. Altınok Oz said that it isn’t important if the building is high or not, the important point is the durable buildings for the earthquake. The negative thoughts about the high buildings should be destroyed. Japonya is also an earthquake country but has a many high buildings. Kartal urban transformation projects are continuing rapidly. The some participants of the summit think that Kartal will have a structure like New York.

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