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 Home    Kadikoy Fenerbahche Orduevi and Its New Development Plan

Istanbul is one of the most important cities in the world. It is a great dream for everyone to live in the city, which has great demand in every moment of history. In recent years, the Turkish government has taken special measures for the city. It is of great importance that the traffic problem can be solved and the daily life can be continued in the city which reaches the population of 17 million. Although the city continues to grow steadily, the city government continues to produce new projects to take new measures in parallel. Because in recent years the great economic development of the country has paved the way for housing investments. New investment areas continue to emerge.


A Big Project Is Starting In Anatolia

The Anatolian side is of great importance for Istanbul. Considering that the vast majority of the industrial areas of the city are in the vicinity of Anatolia, the greatest need for new living spaces emerges in this region. Kadikoy region is one of the most important areas in the vicinity of Anatolia. With time, a new development plan has been prepared for the old Republic of Turkey. With this plan, old habitats can be destroyed and new habitats can be built. This opportunity is of great importance for the future. Because existing houses are waiting for investors with fair prices. From this point of view, the ideal opportunity to live in an important region of Istanbul is now becoming a dream.

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