Home    It Will Be Saled At 4.5 Million TL In Mecidiyekoy

Carsi Housing Office and Transfer Center where is in Mecidiyekoy will be saled at 4.5 million TL. The tender will be executed by the İstanbul 10th Chief Executive Officer. The tender will be realized on July 17, 2017 between 15.10pm and 15.20 pm. The Tender Place is İstanbul 10th Chief Executive Officer Auction Saloon. The sale will be realized by auction method.

The details for the tender: The first tender day is July 17, 2017. The second tender day is August 17, 2017. The hours are for the second tender is same as the hours of the first tender: between 15.10 pm and 15.20 pm.

Transportation possibilities of immovable are convenient. It is at a place where social and municipality facilities are available. The area of the related immovable is one of the highly demanded housing and commercial centers.


The Sale Conditions

The sale conditions for the Carsi Housing and Transfer Center were stated. The proposals will be offered by electronic forms. The proposals for the tender will be begin 20 day before the tender date and will last to the end of the July16, 2017. If there will be no purchasers in the first tender day then the proposals for the second tender will be start after 5 days the first tender date and will be last to the end of the August16, 2017. If there is no buyer also in the second tender; the sale request will be cancelled. You can give your proposals for the tender at the website: www.esatis.uyap.gov.tr

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