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 Home    Istanbul Stock Exchange 100 Index Reaffirmed Seeing A Record 96 Thousand 629 Points

Last week the Index of the Istanbul Stock Exchange BIST 100 completed the trading day, winning 0.03 percent of the value of 96,187 points, thus, the index surpassed its record for the whole history – 96,627 points. The BIST 100 index is trading at 96,423 points with an increase of 0.28 percent at 15:18 hours.


The BIST 100 index in the first half of the day increased by 25.63 points compared to the previous close, while the total volume of the transaction was realized at a rate of 2.7 billion Turkish liras. In the first half of the banking index rose by 0.22 percent, and the holding’s index fell by 0.40 percent. Among the sectoral indices, the most profitable was transport from 1.82 percent, with the largest drop in tourism was 2.70 percent.

Analysts of the financial market noted that concerns about the policy pursued by US President Donald Trump and policies in global markets have reduced the risk appetite of traders, which in turn led to the sales of currencies in developing countries.

Director of Portfolio Management Yeral Karayazijy noted that the Istanbul Stock Exchange certainly set a new record. Such movement of the index developed in parallel with the situation on other stock markets. Whereas due to unpredictable behavior scenarios of politicians, technical analysis of the movement of the US currency rate cannot be used and it is very difficult to predict the movement. Now there is a big risk factor, and it is not known how long this effect will last.

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