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Investors using the investment preference in favor of Istanbul and Edirne earned significant profits. Housing prices for sale in Istanbul increased by 8 percent in the last one year from 4 thousand 357 TL to 4 thousand 722 TL per square meter average. Those who use the investment from İstanbul have earned 365 TL per square meter.

In Turkey Edirne province was the most profitable. Edirne, Istanbul in Turkey was also overtaken by giving investors in the £ 432 a year.

The income of a 100 square meter residence was 36 thousand 500 TL for İstanbul and 43 thousand 200 TL for Edirne. According to the figures, the value increase in İzmir was 15 percent, 18 percent in Bursa, 4 percent in Ankara and 1 percent in Antalya.



According to other big things, Ankara comes back. Investors have earned $ 78 per square meter in the last year. Housing prices for sale in Ankara have increased by 4 percent in the last year. The average square meter increased from 1,740 TL to 1,818 TL. The depreciation period in Ankara is 16 years.

The most expensive city after Istanbul is known as the value of houses for sale in Izmir. Izmir, which gained 361 TL per square meter in the last year, competes with Istanbul. Housing prices for sale in Izmir in the last year increased by 15 percent, the average square meter from 2 thousand 389 TL to 2 thousand 750 TL.

Antalya has been stagnant for a year. Investors are not satisfied with the changes in housing prices. In one year, house prices for sale increased by only 1 percent, average prices per square meter increased from 1,923 TL to 1,939 TL. Investors were able to earn £ 16 per square meter in a year. The depreciation time in Antalya was determined to be 17 years. Underfloor was the district with the highest increase in prices with an increase of 4.4 percent in the last month. Manavgat was the only county where prices dropped in the last month with a decrease of -5.9 percent.

Bursa was the most valued province in the first 3 quarters of 2017 between 5 big cities. Given the change in the last year, housing prices for sale increased by 18 percent, average prices per square meter increased from 1,656 TL to 1,960 TL.

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