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 Home    Istanbul And Edirne, The Most Profitible Cities Of Real Estate

According to the survey conducted by a real estate site, Istanbul was the province that provided the most profit in real estate investments. Across to Turkey, Edirne took the first place. The average square meter price of the houses in Istanbul increased by 8%. The price of square meter increased from 4,357 TL to 4,722 TL. Edirne earned 432 TL to the investor within one year. In Istanbul’s towns, which earned the most for the investor, was Sultanbeyli with a rate of 11.1%. In Beyoglu, the price of the square meter decreased by 7.4%. Sancaktepe has the shortest depreciation period with 14 years.


1. Ankara

The housing price of Ankara increased by 4% in 1 year. The average square meter price of the houses in Ankara increased to 1.818 TL. In Gölbaşı, the prices of housing increased by 3.5%, in Etimesgut it is 2.3%.

2. Izmir

In İzmir, the closest city to Istanbul as a price increase in square meters, house prices increased by an average of 361 TL. Within the last one year in İzmir, the average square-meter prices increased by 15% from 2,389 TL to 2,750 TL.

2015 G-20 Host City Antalya


3. Antalya

The increase in Antalya, which is the tourism center of our country, is low. In Antalya, where 1% increase is observed in the last 1 year, the price of square meters of houses increased by only 16 TL. Housing prices increased in all the towns while it decreased by 5.9% in Manavgat.

4. Bursa

The rate in Bursa is 18% in the last 1 year. With this increase, the houses with a price of square meters increased from 1656 TL to 1.960 TL.

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