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Whether it’s a summer house or a winter house, there are two types of tax payments for housing owners. One: ‘Property Tax’. Two; if it has been given to the rent and the income is also obtained, ‘Revenue Tax-GV’. Those who get a rent income from housing (exceeding 3,900 liras per year) in 2017 will have to give a declaration of Income Tax in March 2018 (1-25 March).


First The Estate Tax …

The real estate tax is paid to the relevant municipalities in two installments (until the end of May and November) at a rate of 1 per cent (2 per cent in the metropolises) on the property tax value of the property. However, for some people who have not exceeded 200 m2, there is a tax advantage for some people … (1-Housewives and unemployed, 2- Retired Persons 3- Disabled people, 4- Ghazi, 5-Martyr relatives) is getting the right.


Summer Houses Difference in Property Tax

It is enough to give the Revenue Tax (GV) declaration once a year in Real Estate Capital Relay, but it also starts with the obligation of bookkeeping on the commercial income (in the actual method) and the obligation to regularly issue the VAT declaration (and the related declaration depending on the transactions). Of course, there is also a requirement of annual income tax declaration … Therefore, when rent income is regarded as commercial income, obligations for property owner are increasing considerably.


In addition, Finance says that it is necessary to organize such rentals and therefore be taxed as ‘commercial income‘ rather than rent income.


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