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Property tax payments that will be made in 2018 and will be implemented at the exorbitant rate of the values has increased. New and old values, increasing property tax has increased 700 per cent compared with BC. 2 thousand pounds for a house in some neighborhoods, property tax paying citizens of the newly determined according to the ratio of 6 thousand pounds in the vicinity of the property taxes you will pay.


Open the way to appeal property tax value increasing at a rate that is exorbitant. We receive consumer problems and their opinions about the topic Association (TUKODER) real estate Commission, the President Hatice kolçak, the Association came a lot of questions on this issue in recent days, increasing at a high rate at the beginning of the consumer that are worried about property tax rates and said they wanted information.


Kolçak said, “ Citizens are increasingly connected to the municipality or the Office first, check the address and learn the value of the real estate tax Street New. Set the new value with the old estate tax the real estate tax value to compare them. The difference between exorbitant rate increased at If by using the right of the citizen can go to court. 31.05.2012 K. E. and by the decision of the Constitutional Court and the date of 2012/89 2011/38 “appreciation of the Commission against the decisions of the apartment themselves decide who is notified, institutions, and related organizations can open the case of neighbourhood and village administrations” and citizens the right to appeal has recognised that in the arrangement direction cancel.


Four years of re-Designated land square meters of residential and commercial property value of the property tax on the basis of unit values it is important for you to appear. The new rates which will be implemented in 2018 municipal population suspended in was removed. It is important for citizens to check the new real estate tax rates. Increased at a high rate until the end of the month to appeal property tax value. ”

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