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Is it possible to buy land from Silivri if it is close to Istanbul and the transportation opportunities increase? Frequently brings the issue to the agenda. Kanal Istanbul project, proximity to Istanbul, construction of large construction companies, extension of metrobus line and suitability of land prices attract attention on Silivri. Investors, Silivri’da recent purchases of land in the most Gazitepe, Alipaşa and Ortaköy regions are sought.


Land prices in Silivri vary from 30 thousand pounds to 400 thousand. An important part of the answer to the question “Will land purchase from Silivri” constitute the land prices in Silivri? Land prices are moving away from the center of Silivri and decreasing towards the villagers. Silivri’de field conditions in the field starts at 30 thousand TL. Silivri and the villagers’ prices in 2016-2017 square meters are as follows; Akeren: 36-221 TL, Bekirli: 31-181 TL, Beyciler: 25-191 TL, Büyükçavuşoğlu: 31-501 TL, Büyükkılıçlı: 30-500 TL, Büyüksinekli: 21-151 TL, Bag: 17-250 TL, Çayırdere : 20-150 TL, Çeltik: 23-140 TL, Danamandra: 16-90 TL, Değirmenköy: 16-260 TL, Fenerköy: 31-250 TL, Gezitepe: 35-400 TL, Kadıköy: 41-200 TL, 71-1200 TL, Küçükkılıçlı: 25-200 TL, Küçüksinekli: 26-200 TL, Kurfallı: 18-100 TL, Ortaköy: 71-1200 TL, Numbers: 13-90 TL, Seymen: 36-150 TL, Yolçatı: 30 -200 TL.


Another issue that is as important as buying land from Silivri is the points to be aware of when buying land in Silivri. A land investment that looks profitable; Adequate investigation, no research, and carelessness can hurt people. One of these important points is; Any information about the land to be purchased must be obtained from the Zoning Directorate attached to the municipality and it should be thoroughly investigated whether or not the building to be purchased is a zoning permit.


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