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The Berliners protested the administration of the city to organize the rapidly increasing housing costs. The administration objected to the latest news that the German capital had the world’s biggest price increases. Thousands of people landed in the squares in Berlin, Germany’s capital city on Saturday. Rising housing prices have protested the cost of housing behind. According to a report released this week, Berlin is said to have the world’s fastest rising real estate prices.

The houses are not enough

In general, it has been stated that prices have increased by 120 percent since 2004, as low unemployment and foreign investments have accelerated the city. However, Germany’s central bank believes that property in Berlin can be depreciated by up to 35 per cent. It was stated that 310,000 homes are needed in Berlin.  A study in Germany revealed that about 2 million people in large cities in the country could not find affordable rental houses.

180 non-governmental organizations participated

Immediately after this research, the demonstrators in Germany were thrown into the streets. The demonstrators protesting the rising real estate prices have protested with pankars in their hands with the call of 180 institutions. 20 thousand people attended the protest demonstrations. According to information gathered from a study by the Hans-Böckler Foundation, 1.9 million people in 77 large cities in Germany can not afford affordable rental housing, including 45 square meters of apartments. 20% of the country’s population lives with state aid. Unemployed or welfare recipients are unable to pay expensive home rentals

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